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Blog Category: Travel USA

Be Charmed in Birmingham, Alabama

Welcome to Birmingham, Alabama, one of the most charming, beautiful cities of the American South. This city has a reputation for its hospitality, which you're sure to experience on your next visit to Birmingham. From

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Exploring Brooklyn on a Budget: What to Do at Low Cost (or Better Yet, for Free!)

Any trip to NYC deserves some time spent in Brooklyn. Brooklyn really is a city within itself, with so many fun vibes and cool things to do and see. There are many awesome neighborhoods to

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Where to Find the Best of Everything in Baltimore

I may be a bit biased, but Baltimore is without a doubt one of the best cities in the U.S. Whether you're visiting as a tourist on a longer trip or you're in town just

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Seriously Cool Things to See in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, isn't your typical top-of-the-bucket-list city, but most people don't know that Columbus is a surprisingly cool place with tons of things to do and see. You'll find some classic spots, such as the

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Super Fun Things to Do Besides Eat in Albuquerque, New Mexico

When most people think of Albuquerque, New Mexico, they instantly think of food or "Breaking Bad." Do a quick Pinterest search, and you'll get a glimpse of the food culture, which includes chile, craft beer,

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What Not to Miss in and Around Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery

Image via Flickr by Mobilus in Mobili Richmond is an essential destination for anyone traveling the East Coast. Its history and Southern charm are so inviting that you'll want to take at least a few days

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Step Outside in Minneapolis

Image via Flickr by m01229 Think Minneapolis is the city of the Mall of America and brutal winters? Think again! I've recently learned about the city's great natural beauty, and I'd love to share it with

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