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Blog Category: Travel Ecuador

Photos That Will Put Ecuador at the Top of your Travel Wishlist

Cajas National Park Cajas National Park lies outside of the city of Cuenca. Spend one day hiking or a whole week. The park is HUGE and offers hundreds of lakes. Volcan Cotopaxi View of the

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Shopping for Handicrafts in Cuenca, Ecuador

Where to Go and What to Buy in and around Cuenca, Ecuador Finding the right souvenir for you or your loved ones is harder than you might imagine in Cuenca. In a land full of

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The Culture of Motorcyclists in Cuenca, Ecuador

Spend one afternoon in Cuenca and you’ll quickly notice a great number of motorcycles and scooters making their way around town. While this is not unusual in Latin America, I was perplexed by the lively

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Cuencano Slang

When I arrived to Cuenca, Ecuador I really thought I had a great knowledge of Spanish. I had studied in the US and Madrid and felt relatively comfortable with the language. Ha! I've had a

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Hiking and Adventure with Club Sangay in Cuenca

For all of the beauty in nature surrounding Cuenca, I am surprised that not as many locals take advantage of the opportunities that lie in their backyard. I believe that can be said in most

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Where to Work Out in Cuenca

Cuenca is a very active city, full of lots of opportunities to exercise. Whether you’re looking for group cardio or private classes, there’s something for everyone. Article originally published by www.gringotree.com. Running If you’re looking

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The Best Cafes in Cuenca, Ecuador

When I got to Cuenca, one of the first things I sought was a coffee shop. Of course, I was looking to satisfy my love (a.k.a. need, obsession) for coffee, but really I was looking

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Life in Cuenca: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Cuenca's charm is undeniable. Everywhere you turn there is a beautiful church, cobblestone sidewalks, and views of the mountains and the river. As a tourist there are great things to see, but I think what

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Ten Reasons Why You Will (Probably, Most Definitely) Fall in Love with Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca's charm is nearly guaranteed to make you fall in love with the city. Cuenca, which signifies valley, is nestled into the base of the Andes mountains. It is located in the south central Sierra

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