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Blog Category: Travel Ecuador

Cajas National Park: A Newbie’s Guide

Cajas National Park: the gem of Ecuador that will blow you away. If you come towards the south of Ecuador put it on your list. It truly cannot be missed.  This national park covers a

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Petzl Trail Plus Ecuador: An Experience of a Lifetime

It is safe to say I knew what I was getting myself into. The week leading up to the race my stomach was so full of butterflies I didn’t even have an appetite. I knew

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The Best Trail Race in Ecuador

Another day in Ecuador, another volcano to tackle! Just kidding, not every day is an uphill climb. If you follow the blog, however, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we are more mountain than beach folk.

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What to do in Riobamba

At first glance, Riobamba may not be the most attractive city to visit in Ecuador. I’ve got to say, however, that each time we visit I find myself liking it even more and more. On

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El Altar: The Challenge that Blew My Mind

I am super excited to be able to share this last trip of ours - our trek to the Volcano Crater Lake “El Altar” in Ecuador. This extinct volcano collapsed in the 1400’s and was

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Semana Santa in Cuenca, Ecuador

I had so much fun this year during Semana Santa! Growing up in Maryland I was raised Catholic and was really active in our church. Being part of the church choir, I am used to

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Ecuador Travel Tips + Cultural Considerations

The first time I came to Ecuador there were many things that caught me off guard. When a lot of people think Ecuador they think Quito, coast, and the Galapagos right? I was in for

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Our Sweet Weekend Getaway to Zaruma

Its hard to believe that I keep traveling Ecuador and keep finding new gems nearly two years later! I have yet to visit the Galapagos nor have I gone deep into the Amazon, but still

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Quilotoa: The Wonder of Ecuador you Really Can’t Miss

We recently went to Laguna Quilotoa (Lake Quilotoa) and I am SO excited to share all about it with you. Quilotoa is arguably my favorite spot in Ecuador. This crater lake or caldera was formed

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Ecuador Bucket List: What Not to Miss in the Country of 4 Worlds

If you've read any of my posts before, I think I've made it pretty obvious that I have a passion for life, travel, and adventure in Ecuador. The country of 4 worlds (Amazon, Andes, Coast,

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