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Blog Category: Live & Work Abroad

How to Apply for a Professional (9-V) Visa in Cuenca, Ecuador

The professional visa is a residency visa that allows you to live and work in Ecuador. It is a life-long visa that does not expire. The professional visa is appropriate for those who have received

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Another year wiser?

If this year taught me anything, it is that change is possible. It ain't always easy, but indeed it is possible. I learned that you can take a leap of faith and sometimes things will

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Finding Sisterhood Abroad

Friendships take a new form for young travelers. You meet so many amazing people passing by. You meet individuals that are traveling for weeks, months, or even years. You meet people who are grounded in

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Thinking thoughts, An American in Ecuador

I have now been in Ecuador for over 6 months. I successfully applied for the Professional Visa, attained my residency, and received my cedula, the Ecuadorian identification card. It was a big decision and took

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This is where I belong

                Eduardo's new Royal Enfield has given us the luxury to freely travel around Ecuador. Our long-term goal is to take the moto all the way to Machu

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An Update in Life

Time surely does fly. It is hard to believe that I have been living here in Cuenca for 5 months. In some ways I feel like I have been here for forever, in other aspects

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Surviving a Half Marathon After 3 Weeks of Training

Running a half marathon has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I would be lying if I said I actually had faith in myself to finish one. A couple of years ago

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Moving Upward: The Bond of Friendship on the Acatenango Volcano

I truly believe that humans are beautiful creatures. Despite all of the madness in the world, I believe that humans are inherently good. The people that have walked in (and sometimes out) of my life

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Working Remotely Abroad: From DC to Ecuador to Guatemala

For those of you who know me (or have read me), you know that when I moved to Ecuador I had no plans yet for work. This caused me much anxiety some days, and other

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Learning to Be Selfish: A Crash Course in Self-Care

Pressure to be successful. Pressure to excel. Pressure to be generous, to give your time, to pay your rent. Pressure to have experiences that will make you grow. Pressure to be busy. Pressure to share

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