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Tips for Working Remotely + Rocking It

As of 2019, I am an official freelancer. While it can be intimidating, I’m ready for the challenge. As a freelance consultant, writer, and model, my work crosses a variety of industries and work types.

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The Impact that Ecuadorian Women Have Had on Me…

[caption id="attachment_819" align="alignnone" width="648"] Maria Jose, Maribel, Rocio, and Priscila - 4 Ecuadorian women who lead nonprofits, and who have given me so much more than I could ever give in return <3[/caption]   When

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18 Months In, I Still Choose Ecuador

Hard to believe sometimes, but I've been living in Ecuador for over 18 months now, and I've been a legal resident for a year (gasp)! Moving to Ecuador was one of the biggest decisions of

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A note from me

It has been some time since I have written about my personal life here on the blog. I wanted to give an update on my life and all things Cuenca <3 If you don't know

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From the Royal Enfield: How Traveling by Motorcycle will Take your Travel Experience to the Next Level

Top reasons one *should* hate travel by motorcycle: It is uncomfortable You get dirty You get wet You get cold You sit in the same position for hours on end If something breaks you're screwed

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How Moving Abroad Will Change Your Way of Thinking

For most of us, moving abroad was a lifelong dream. It was something we always thought about as being a normal part of life. Whether it was for the travel, the language, the culture, or

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The Culture Shock of Living Abroad

You’ve made the big decision: I am going to move abroad… I am going to sell my house, quit my job, carry on with heartfelt goodbyes to all your friends and family. You get on

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The 10 Greatest Lessons I Learned By Moving Abroad

I bought a one-way ticket to Ecuador and life changed drastically. Here are some of the greatest lessons I learned in moving abroad. 1. Less is more. You will very quickly realize how much junk

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Reflection of the Day

It is crazy how life moves you forward. Standing where I am today it is so wonderful to think about the path that guided me to this moment. I think about the family, friends, professors,

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What’s a Cedula and How Do I Get One?

If you’ve followed the steps to get a professional visa (or another type of visa), you are now cleared for residency in Ecuador. Now, you will be required to take additional steps to register your visa

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