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A Reflection: Justice, Reconciliation, Coexistence, and Peace

Justice, reconciliation, coexistence, and peace are concepts that often coincide, thus it is important for practitioners and academics to gain further understanding of their relationships and operation. Reconciliation can be understood as a journey that

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Ecuadorian Oil Politics and the Violation Of Indigenous, Human, and Environmental Rights

Addressing the Yasuni-ITT Initiative under the Correa Administration Government authorization of oil exploration has historically denied indigenous populations of the Amazonian region fundamental human rights, and continues to do so in the contemporary period. While

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Cambodia, Genocide, and The Right to Protect: Underlying Causes in a Historical Perspective

It is nearly impossible to conceptualize the horrific nature of the violence that arose in Cambodia in the 1970s. The intention of this section is to make sense of the genocidal conflict via a historical

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The Internal Armed Conflict of Peru and the Legacy of Sexual Violence

How did Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission contribute to the persistence and normalization of sexual violence during peacetime? INTRODUCTORY REMARKS The Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación, CVR) was created

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Conceptualizing Culture in Conflict and International Interventions

Often times international interventions seeking to protect and defend human rights overlook the value of culture within a conflict region. Whether intentional or not, intervening parties may pay tribute or deny attention to the significance

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Exploring Identity in Nonviolent Movements: A Comparative Analysis of Colombia and South America

Most often culture and cultural differences are analyzed as sources of conflict, as opposed to a resource to be utilized in conflict resolution and reconciliation. Historically culture has been defined as a concrete set of

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