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18 Months In, I Still Choose Ecuador

Hard to believe sometimes, but I've been living in Ecuador for over 18 months now, and I've been a legal resident for a year (gasp)! Moving to Ecuador was one of the biggest decisions of

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What’s the Hype with Montañita?

This month we had the delight of taking another motorcycle adventure, this time to Montañita. For those of you who don’t know, Montañita is famous for being a surfer destination and party town. It may

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Running the Ruta del Hielero Trail Race at the Chimborazo Volcano

I recently had the  opportunity to run my first ever trail race, and I can confidently say it wasn't just any old trail race! It was the Ruta del Hielero, a new trail race that

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A note from me

It has been some time since I have written about my personal life here on the blog. I wanted to give an update on my life and all things Cuenca <3 If you don't know

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Adventure in Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa, mostly commonly referred to as Baños, is one of the most visited destinations for tourists and Ecuadorians alike. Its popularity is well-deserved for the amount of adventure activities concentrated within the

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From the Royal Enfield: How Traveling by Motorcycle will Take your Travel Experience to the Next Level

Top reasons one *should* hate travel by motorcycle: It is uncomfortable You get dirty You get wet You get cold You sit in the same position for hours on end If something breaks you're screwed

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Mindo, Ecuador – Put it on your travel bucket list now.

Mindo is a beautiful quaint town situated in the cloud forest in northern Ecuador. Best known for its birds, butterflies, and natural beauty, Mindo is perfect for any traveler looking to get away. Bonus: the

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A Perfect Day in Cuenca: Where to Go & What to See and Do Like A Local

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, a perfect day in Cuenca totally exists. After living here one year, I still relish in the beauty of the city and take the chance to play tourist

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What Not-to-Miss in Ecuador (On a Budget)

Ecuador is called "El pais de 4 mundos" (The Country of 4 Worlds) for good reason. In just one day you can pass through the Oriente (Amazon), Sierra (Andes), and the coast! Ecuador is such

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The Best Day Trips from Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca has so much to offer in its centro historico, but if you are a resident or a traveler with some extra days, you should consider venturing out of town! Whether you're looking to hike

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