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Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park lies outside of the city of Cuenca. Spend one day hiking or a whole week. The park is HUGE and offers hundreds of lakes.

Volcan Cotopaxi

Volcan Cotopaxi

View of the Cotopaxi Volcano from a hobbit home (Hostal Secret Garden)

Pailon de Diablo


The fearless stairs facing the huge waterfall in Banos de Ambato. Accessible by hike. Take the waterfall bike route from downtown Banos!

Lago Quilotoa

lago quilotoa

Quiolota is a gorgeous crater lake. Be fascinated by its pure blue colors. Take a hike down to the base and walk around the lake for a day, or take part in the “Quilotoa Loop,” a multi-day hike through the surrounding towns.



Escape to the coast and enjoy the beautiful small town of Canoa in the Manabi province. Canoa was hit hard by the earthquake of April 2016, and could use support to boost their tourism industry!



This off-the-beaten-path town in the jungle has a gorgeous botanic garden. The fact that the garden lies in the Amazon makes it one for the books.

Swing at the Edge of the World

Swing at the edge of the world Casa de Arbol

The famous “swing at the edge of the world” at the Casa de Arbol that overlooks the Tungaragua Volcano in Baños de Ambato.


Podacarpus National Park

Zamora is located in the south of Ecuador in Podacarpus National Park. Hike and camp in cabins in this warm beautiful jungle.

Alausi, The Devils Nose Train

Alausi Devils Nose Train

Take a ride through the hills on this famous historic train out of Alausi.



This view is from the Black Sheep Inn in Chucchilán, just outside of Quilotoa


Paragliding in Paute

Paragliding in Paute, a small town outside of Cuenca.

Mirador de Turi, Cuenca

mirador de turi

Go out on the ledge and swing over the gorgeous city of Cuenca.



Enjoy breakfast in this amazing hostal izhcayluma in the peaceful town Vilcabamba, tucked in the mountains in the south of Ecuador.



The classic mercado in Riobamba



This hippie beach town is known for its parties, but Montanita also has a beautiful beach.


swing in puyo

This swing on the road between Macas and Puyo gives endless gorgeous views of the jungle


Cuenca 7

Cuenca, I love you. Photo by Eduardo Merchan.

Baños de Ambato

banos bridge jump

Jump off this bridge in Banos de Ambato, the ideal adventure town on the border of the Sierra and the jungle. Photo by Eduardo Merchan


canoa coconut

Nothing better than a fresh $1 coconut on the beach!





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