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Reflection of the Day

It is crazy how life moves you forward. Standing where I am today it is so wonderful to think about the path that guided me to this moment.

I think about the family, friends, professors, hometown folk that had such an impact on my life and who I am as a person. Never forget who you are, where you come from, or those that guided you along the way.

I think about all the steps I took, minor decisions that steered me from moment to moment, place to place. The time that I joined the kid’s choir at church, or chose choir over cheerleading to protect my voice. The time and time again that I decided I had no interest in drugs or alcohol in my adolescence. The time I decided to go to a state university, and took my first class in Anthropology. The first time I read about social movements in Latin America, or about sexual violence in Peru. Every time I opened my heart to a new friendship and gained a soul sister for life. The time I came to Ecuador and fell in love with my man. The time I moved to another country, and changed the course of my life drastically.

I think each of us could identify these moments where you took a turn one way or another. Whether walking cautiously or diving in deep, these moments of change define us. Granted it is not the action that defines us, rather how we handle and maneuver the situation. When I decided to move abroad, everyone told me “you’re so strong. I could never do that. Moving without a plan? Wow you’re brave but also crazy.” I knew they were right, but I also knew the hardest was yet to come. While there is not a day I regret my decision to move abroad, I would never say its an easy thing to do.

I love to reflect on how each step got me to where I am today, and how each day is constantly reevaluating the path of life. Making the big decision was the easy part, making a life is the real challenge.

Another day, A whole lot of love, a whole lot of gratitude.

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